Beat The Heat At These Open To All Swimming Pools In Delhi

Beat The Heat At These Open To All Swimming Pools In Delhi

Summers are finally here and there are only a few things that provide respite in the scorching Delhi heat. One such thing is of course swimming.

Spending the day floating in the cool soothing water is all we can dream of in this burning heat!

And while many of us do not have memberships in clubs, here is a list of some open to all swimming pools in Delhi that are perfect to beat the heat!

Delhi Public School RK Puram
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While the school is shut during summer holidays their pool is open for public use. They have hygienic facilities and make sure everything is kept in tip-top shape. If you can gather a group of 10 or more, they’ll also provide coaching.

Neeti Bagh Club
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This small neighborhood club usually attracts the residents only, but come April, and we see people driving in from all parts of the city, courtesy the swimming pool. The pool is fairly small, with the deepest end being just 6 feet, but it’s clean and hygienic, and enough to get rid of your summertime sadness!

Siri Fort Sports Complex
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You can swim here, but only after you apply for a temporary three-month membership, and pay an additional cost each month. The forms come out on the last Monday of every month, and the demand is huge, so you’ll have to hop to it. That aside, their facilities are excellent, ergo the popularity.

Friends Swimming Academy
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Friends Swimming Academy provides a huge, professional-sized swimming pool to city-dwellers. Just go and relax in the cool water and learn some skills with the on-the-spot coaching available at the pool. It’s closed on Thursdays, however, so we hope that isn’t coincidentally the day you plan to check it out on.

The Gulmohar Park Club
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This Gulmohar Park Club swimming pool is one the best swimming poolsIt is small, but quiet and clean and especially shallow at one end. It often remains empty but it is put up in and after school hours when the school children come to swim. It is open in the early morning and in the evening.

Get those swimming trunks out from the back of your closet and get ready to swim deep!

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