Salad By The Kilo, Bunned Samosa & Choco Frappe – This Coffee Shop Is Delhi’s Newest Crush!


Bean’D the best kept secret coffee shop in Shahpurjat is Delhi’s newest crush! The peeps here at Bean’D strictly believe in feeding people the best food, drinks & that long awaited cup of coffee with a sweet little surprise. What is it? It’s Salad by the Kilo!! You heard it! Bean’d, is Delhi’s only coffee shop that serves its guests fresh, summer slam plate of salad by the KILO!


30 Second Window:

  • Bean’D has a small menu. And we’re glad that they do, because the meals in the menu are absolutely mesmerising! And the best part is that they nail every single dish on their menu.
  • So, let’s get down to what to expect here, shall we? Bean’D is a little hard to find but when you do reach the place, we’re sure that you will be left in silent surprise thanks to its ambience!
  • Their ham sandwich – Bird It – is a must try for all you non vegetarians. Remember how we loved Subway’s Ham sandwich? Imagine that, start drooling & head to Bean’d for a sandwich 1000 times better than any you’ve ever tried!
  • The Greasy Cheese is a delicious piece of heaven on earth. You can keep munching on these, only to find another plate waiting for you at the table. Why? Because once you eat it, you will love it & order it, twice, thrice & maybe a hundred times!
  • Still not drooling? Get a hang of their salads! The peeps here at Bean’D serve fresh salads created by you according to its weight! The meal is called – Make Your Own According To Weight! 1 kg can serve up to 4 people & you pay only as much as you eat! Cool, right?

DforDelhi Recommends:

  • That you call the coffee shop if you get lost in the by lanes of Shahpur Jat! The owner Mr. Chetan absolutely loves talking to people & would be more than happy to meet you mid way to the shop.
  • So, don’t get lost, just call the shop & get hosted by its cool owner & an ambience of easy chairs with colourful walls. An evening fix that you cannot miss out on!

In the meanwhile, do check out their Facebook page for more information here.

Sneak Peak | 253, Ground Floor, Behind Panchsheel Park, Shahpur Jat

And Pay | ₹650

Google Maps | Click Here


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