Treat Yourself To Some BBQ From India’s First BBQ Bike At CP

Delhi is pretty much the king of street food. With everything ranging from chaat to momos, there’s something for everyone. Sweet, spicy, hot, cold you name it and they’ve got it. There are even food vans and trucks now. But here is India’s first street food bike! BBQ Ride is a unique concept of bringing barbeque to the streets. It’s been over 2 years and they have successfully launched themselves in 12 cities. People are going crazy! Read on.

What To Expect At BBQ Ride?

BBQ Rides India has given Royal Enfield a complete makeover, with a gas cylinder, storage unit, barbeque pit, and foldable tables. The brothers Arun & Krishna Varma started out with a food truck in Bangalore in 2015. They own 3 food trucks and a Nano converted as an ice-cream car. But lack of parking space started causing them a loss of business. This led to this mind-blowing innovation.  Inspired by the movie Sholay, Arun fabricated a two-wheeler with a sidecar, with grill and tava.

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What You’ll Love About BBQ Ride?

As the name suggests, this bike offers has a menu that serves all things barbeque related. Some of this include smokey chicken strips, peri-peri wings, juicy chicken burger amongst other options. If you’re a vegetarian, you can gorge on grilled pineapple wedges and grilled paneer & capsicum. Salivating already? Yeah, so are we.

Bottom Line

If you’re bored of the expensive high-end restaurants with the unnecessary decorations and prices that come along food, then you’ve got to check BBQ Ride out. You might not have a hard time spotting them because there will be a lot of crowd and you can smell the awesomeness from far away!

Where | Multiple Locations

Locations | Gurgaon Sector 49; Pratapganj 

Cost For Two | INR 600

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