Bake Like A Pro! Become A Master Chef In Baking By Hittin’ This Super-Cool Session In Town!

Know It All In 30 Seconds

Do you love to bake wholesome cakes and biscuits? Are you a sweet-tooth craver? Wait, as we have something to offer you. No, we aren’t talking about a bakery, but we’re making noise for this baking session in town which will work as a motivator for you to start-up your own bakery business.

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What To Expect?

Professional Bakery Workshop By CSDO is a 5-day course where you’ll be getting the knack of Bakery teamed up with the aspects like setting up the business, contacting raw material suppliers, improving skills of marketing, understanding customers requirement, and much more.

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What You’ll Love?

You’ll be served with full study material given by CSDO that’ll nourish your know-how in baking. The syllabus of your course will talk about:

  • ICING CAKES- Pineapple, Black forest, White forest, Mocha chocolate, Fruitcake
  • MUFFINS – Pina colada muffin, Vanilla muffin, Chocolate muffin
  • COOKIES – Multigrain cookies, Melting moments cookies, Whole wheat cookies, Coconuts cookies
  • BROWNIE- Choco walnuts fudge, American fudge
  • CUPCAKES – Vanilla, Blackcurrant cupcake, Jam filled the cupcake, Chocolate icing cupcake

Bottom Line

Take your bakers with you and spread sweetness around the world!

Where | Narang Colony, IIIrd Floor, Delhi-35 Nearest Metro: Kanhaiya Nagar

When | Mon, 15 Jul 10:30 AM – Sat, 20 Jul 1:30 PM

Price | ₹ 7,500

Tickets | Here

Location | Here

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