Now You Can Get Your Bags Shipped From IGI Airport To Your Room At A Small Fee!

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Carrying 4 bags from the airport to the hotel can be a little tiresome especially when you just made a 13 hr journey. There’s a special shipping service that will transport your bags from airport to your house/hotel room or vice versa without any hassle.

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There’s now a service in Delhi that solves the problem. If you’re flying to or from Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport, you now travel baggage-free. The new baggage delivery service, provided by baggage-transfer service CarterX, is currently available from Terminal 3 for international and domestic flights.

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All you have to do it make an online request on their app a day prior, choose the time and enter flight details. Each bag will be sealed in a tamper-resistant bag which is bar-coded for easy identification.

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