Green Tweet! Delhi To Get Its Very Own Eco-Park In The Next Three Years

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Delhi is switching to a green alternative, as the fly-ash zone of the Badarpur Thermal Power Plant is going to be remodelled into the first ecological park in the city. With a sprawling expanse of over 842 acres, this lush green stretch within the city will be wider than New York’s Central Park.

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This eco-park in the heart of the city will be a perfect escape for a nature lover with a slew of bewitching attractions like sparkling fountains, yoga hubs, engaging sports zones, striking reservoirs, open gyms, bicycle tracks, eco-friendly plazas and many more.

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The park will also have a plethora of herbivores, making way for the Delhiites to enjoy jungle safari right within the city. And this realm of greenery is surely gonna be an add on to the most sought-after photoshoot destinations in Delhi.

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The Badarpur eco-park will boast of being one of the largest manmade parks in the world. The greening activity has already got its kickstart, and it’s just a span of three years for the city to have another getaway to scrape off the tedium of the daily routines.

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