Backing Up For The Critical Hour! AIIMS To Enlist Rare Blood Group Donors For Emergency Blood Need

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Doctors are often in plight when there’s a need for gallons of blood for a patient with a rare blood group. Even the blood banks sometimes fail to cater to the intrinsic blood requirements for blood groups like A negative, AB negative and O negative. Realizing the criticality of this problem, AIIMS has finally come up with a permanent solution.

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The resident doctors of AIIMS have planned to create a database of all doctors and medical students at the hospital with rare blood groups so that they can pitch in at the hour of need without delay. All these doctors and students will be connected through e-mail and a WhatsApp group, where alerts will be prompted whenever there’s a blood emergency.

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In major surgeries, there can be a blood loss of 500-1000 ml. This calls for stocking up of ample amount of blood before the operation. Also, critical situations like accidents often require immediate blood-transfusions. Searching for donors with rare blood groups usually involves a lot of efforts like running from people to people, asking for assistance on social media, calling up blood banks and what not. By creating this blood donation database, AIIMS is making the process of rare blood arrangement hassle-free.

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This life-saving initiative by the AIIMS doctors will not only boost up the confidence of the patients and their families but will also urge more people to wholeheartedly come up and donate their body fluid for someone who needs it.

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