Shorter Queues Ahead! Security Checks At Delhi Airport To Quicken Up By Year End

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Security checks at Delhi Airport are soon to get streamlined as the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) of the IGI airport is planning to replace the reusable manual trays with 10 RFID-tagged Automatic Tray Retrieval Systems (ATRS).

There will be rollers with security trays installed. Flyers can put their belongings on the trays, which will then be passed through a scanner. Once the scanning is complete, the trays will come back to their starting points. This is going to curtail down the security check timings to a significant extent.

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The present system manages to frisk 180-200 peeps every hour. The new system will be capable of inspecting 350 passengers per hour. Also, passengers won’t need to look here and there for picking up trays for themselves or waiting for others to finish using them. No more piling up of trays or manually getting them collected every time they’re used!

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These automated trays will be under CCTV surveillance. Already, two trail ATRS systems are operating at Terminal-2 and Terminal-3. The rest are scheduled to be rolled out by December 2019.

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