Attention Shoppers! There’s A Blowout 98% Off Sale Startin’ 13th May *MIC DROPS*

So, now that we have your attention let’s clear the way. It’s a Super Sunday for all the shopaholics in Delhi on the 13th of May. ’Cause we found you an online retailer offering EVERYTHING at a WHOPPING 98% off!! Yes, you heard it right!

Photo Courtesy | Pinterest

Now you can snag all your favourite brand products without stressing about your budget. No true shopaholic can ever resist such an amazing sale we are sure of that.

In fact, if you go through Luckycoups website, you’ll find that they offer everything from clothes to electronic products & bags etc.

Which is so cool because if you had to buy something expensive, just imagine how cheap it’ll cost you now!

Excited? Check out their website. Moreover, keep yourself updated about the countdown by following their Facebook Page.

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