Attention Readers! This Delhi-Based Bookstore Will Be Your New Go-To, We Swear!

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Know it All in 30 Seconds

The independent bookstore named, Bookshop at Jor Bagh, New Delhi makes the usual non-reader narrative of a Bookstore being merely a cash transaction a falsification. It is so much more than that. The Bookshop brings to you a curated collection of books within their little, beautifully decorated shop making reading and the experience of being around books more comfortable than ever. For the non-delhites, they also offer an online experience on their Instagram handle: @_thebookshopjb

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What to Expect?

The rustic walls and the classic bookshelves make you want slide your fingers through the books, pick one and stand in the corner for the whole time just taking in the essence. From cook books to fiction to autobiographies, you find everything. The collection itself is so well curated, you find books from all ethnicities and culture, be it Indian or International.

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What You’ll Love?

The incredible thing about this place is you won’t have to wander confused about what to buy in this heaven of books, the owners are bibliophiles and absolutely love what they do, including talking to the visitors. Talk to them and they’ll recommend the best. Plus, they have a friendly cat! What a bonus?

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Bottom Line

All you Nerds – find your book haven here and now!

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