Attention Hungry Bibliophiles! Cosy up your Delhi Winters at this Heavenly Cafe in Saket!

Know It All in 30 Seconds

The Nerdy Indian Cafe situated in the beautiful Champa Gali in Saket, prides itself for their friendly service, comforting ambience, delicious food and free books! Yes, you heard that right. Imagine a quirky library that serves delicious food and keeps you warm, cosy and comfortable – that pretty much sums up this cafe.

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What to Expect?

Find a range of books to choose from and a fulfilling menu to satisfy the foodie in you – not hungry? get their incredible shakes or a cup of hot chocolate; Fancy something heavy? Get their Chur Chur Kulcha Thali! The free Wi-Fi here lets you find that perfect work from home space outside the walls of your home as well! The smell of books that fills the little café makes your heart want to sit here and never leave, even in the chilling winters.

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What You’ll Love?

While the beauty of Champa Gali is incredible and is hard to compete with, the ambience here still stands out – silent, cosy and filled with bookshelves – perfect for the reader in you; And the food? Just right for a date night in the cold, winter evenings of Delhi! Reader or not, the food and the ambience will win you over anyway.

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Bottom Line

Hot chocolate, books and chill – sounds more than heavenly, doesn’t it?

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