April Vaca Goals: The Firefly Safari In Coorg Must Be On Your Bucket List This Summer

Every April, Coorg witnesses a beautiful spectacle of nature that, frankly, is simply magical! Fireflies in the Western Ghats come together every year to perform [really not] the synchronous flashing of fireflies.

Additionally, the reason why we’re gushing over this spectacle is that it happens once a year! Moreover, at the Rainforest RetreatRainforest Retreat – an organic farm – this silently magical event has been happening for the past 23 years.

But why does it happen only once a year? So, the March blossom showers in the Western Ghats inspire tons of insects [including fireflies] to come out of hiding to mate. In fact, what starts in small scale in March ends in thousands of fireflies flashing by mid-April.

Which is why we would urge you to take a break from work & head to the Rainforest Retreat for a FamJam Vaca.

Ps. you better book your places fast since May is usually when these fireflies start retreating! Excited? Hey, us too!

Images’ Courtesy |¬†Floris Van Breugel/Nature Picture Library

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