Celebrate The Sweet Dimensions of Love at AnnaMaya With These 7 Sweet Delights Especially Curated For You

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Love has many dimensions. Celebrate your affection for one another – family, friends, nature, self and much more, through a common shared love of desserts. This Valentine’s Day explore a distinct notion of love put forth by AnnaMaya, the European food hall at Andaz Delhi. Usher in the magic of love with an array of decadent desserts symbolizing love in various forms. These desserts are perfect for sharing and gifting.

Here are 7 sweet delights inspired by different dimensions of love you can indulge in:


1. In Sickness And In Health 


Renew your romantic vows with this delightful rose and Gulkand filled mousse – a Valentine classic to celebrate with your soulmate.


2. Unconditional Love


Our love for chocolate is unconditional, just like the love of our parents. Share this cocoa bean look-alike with the ones who loved us first and taught us how to love, selflessly!



3. Adam’s Folly


It all began with Adam – dare to go down the road he travelled –who knows-maybe your Eve waits round the corner. Say it with an Apple! Creamy mousse with sponge and stewed apple.



4. Love Bites 


Let this dessert make them go weak in the knees! Every bite of this delight is filled with fresh strawberry and homemade strawberry jelly.



5. A Pot Of Goodness


“You can never truly love if you don’t love yourself first”. Gift yourself the beauty of nature with this pot of black forest!



6. B.F.F


For the ones who know all about you – the good, the funny and the annoying! Share these candy pops and honour your friendship.



7. Nostalgia


You are never too old to enjoy the little joys of life! Let’s declare our love for this ageless treat of candyfloss. Stick your tongue out, taste the candy and laugh until it hurts!

PS. you can also indulge in a flavourful Valentine’s Day feast with the Saints of AnnaMaya- their artisan partners and enjoy some mindful eating with your beau.

Bottom Line

Indulge in these sweet dimensions of love available at AnnaMaya that are available 24×7!


Where | AnnaMaya, Asset No. 1, Aerocity, New Delhi 110037

Valid Till | 14th Feb, 2020

Price | INR 480 onwards 

Location | Here


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