Woof! Woof! Check Out 10 Animal Shelters In Delhi Where You Can Adopt Cute Pets.

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Animals are little goofballs, our little guardians, and absolutely lovable. Here we have 10 animal shelters in Delhi where you can adopt pets. Besides caring for animals in the shelter, they also rescue them.


Paws are trying to change the lives of many stray animals. They care for animals and try to educate society against animal abuse.

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Where | Vasant Kunj, New Delhi

Location | Here

2. Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre

Some may like cats or some might like dogs but SGACC takes care of any animal which crosses their way. Isn’t it overwhelming?!

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Where | Raja Garden, New Delhi

Location | Here

3. Friendicoes

Just like the name, Friendicoes are friendlier towards the strays; especially, desi dogs. Most of us want a different or unique breed and often, forgets about the desi breeds and let them suffer.

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Where | Near Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, New Delhi

Location | Here

4. Red Paws Rescue Head Office

They are one of the coolest teams, they rescue the street dogs and care of them. Later, then return them to the original area. Damn!

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Where | Hauz Khas, New Delhi

Location | Here

5. Posh Foundation

A foundation in Delhi and NCR are diligently working for the welfare of animals. Their work speaks thousands of words.

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Where | Bandh Road, Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Location | Here

6. Delhi Society For Prevention Of Cruelty In Animal (SPCA)Board

For legitimate authorization for Cruelty of Animals Act, 1961, Delhi Government has comprised Delhi SPCA Board.

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Where | Tis Hazari, New Delhi

Location | Here

7. Charity Birds Hospital

Well, birds are the wisest of species, they are the know-it-all. Every now and then, they face some minor accidents and they are taken care of by the Charity Birds Hospital.

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Where | Chandni Chowk, New Delhi

Location | Here

8. Jeevashram

Apart from all the medical assistance, provide the facilities od Dental and X-Rays for all kinds of animals.

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Where |  Rajokri, New Delhi

Location | Here

9. People For Animals

They have quite a big network of hospitals and runs shelters, provides services towards animals.


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Where | Connaught Place, New Delhi

Location | Here

10. All Creatures Great And Small

Well, the people working here are not humans, they are gods especially for the animals. They take care of injured animals and keep them under care.

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Where | Pawta Road, Selakhari, Haryana

Location | Here

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