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For most Delhites GMD means, Ga** Me** Da***, but what most people do not understand is that GMD can mean different things to different people! For example, Danda can be replcaed by Dum. So, for now let’s focus on Dum and check out what Amigos, a book by Tanmay Dubey & Rahul Tiwari has to say about the ‘GMD’ & the ‘Dum’!

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30 Second Window:

  • Amigos is a beautifully curated book of stories from across India, highlighting the various projects of life run by friends, pals & ‘partners in crime’.
  • The book has several side stories like the from the Delhi bomb blasts, many years back. In fact, the stories – while true – also have a touch of cinematic beauty.
  • Amigos reads like a biography of different people going through their individual lives. Until one day they come back together to realise their dreams & aspirations as a group.
  • GMD, according to the authors is all about ‘being alive’ – more than just existing, it is about living. Living each moment to its fullest potential. GMD is about listening to one’s heart & saying no to the cultural norms of the society!

DforDelhi Recommends:

  • You read this amazing new book in town. We gave it a shot & you wouldn’t believe how easy & fluid its story line is, a story that allows everyone to connect with it & believe in it.

You can find the book at your local bookstore or you can order it online on Amazon. It’s one of those books that let’s you understand & relive the dream & aspirations we all weave around our lives!

About the authors: Tanmay Dubey is an IT Professional who in his free time from writing books, reviews movies on his Facebook page, Tanmay’s Movie Adda!

Rahul Tiwari is a former Electronics Engineer who left his lucrative jobs at WIPRO & IBM to follow his dream of writing books!

You can buy the book on Amazon here & Flipkart here.

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