Ama Cafe is Our Go-To for Every Mood, Day, Occasion And Here are 5 Reasons Why!

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Ama Café has a place for everyone – the group of friends, family, the quiet reader, the employee rushing to meet deadlines or the adorable couple. Located in the streets of Majnu Ka Tila, Ama Café has made a special place in every person’s heart that has been here and we, at DforDelhi, absolutely love it for not one but multiple reasons.

1. Hearty Breakfasts for Those Much Needed Morning Boosts!

The Café built its popularity solely through its delicious and diverse breakfast options – and it’s available all day! Perfect start to any morning;

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2. An Ambience That Works ALL TIMES!

For a lovely romantic evening, a mellow afternoon or a work-loaded morning – this place will sit well with you.

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3. A Fresh Bakery, You Say?

They bake. Need I say anything more? Fresh doughnuts, silky cheesecakes and yum cakes – for all with a sweet-tooth this is literal heaven.

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4. Delish Snacks for the Romantic Evening Dates!

Ama is known its breakfasts but the sandwiches and fries here make every evening memorable.

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5. Scrumptious Coffees and Teas for the Productive Afternoons!

Their range of coffees, iced teas and drinks give you that boost you crave for when your boss won’t keep calm or perhaps, when you need a moment to simply read or relax.

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Bottom Line

Ama Café is second home to many; perhaps, that is the biggest reason behind the love it receives.

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