Now You Can Reach Alwar From Delhi Within 2 Hours!

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Road trips are the best way to bond over with friends and weekends are the best time. Have you been procrastinating your trip to Alwar? You will no longer have to spend the entire day travelling but will be able to reach Alwar in a mere 2 hours! How? Read ahead.

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What To Expect?

The upcoming Delhi-Gurugram-Rewari-Alwar Rapid Rail Transit corridor is set to provide seamless connectivity passing through the industrialized areas of Haryana and Rajasthan. The expected travel time of the entire journey on this route will be 117 minutes, which means that the travel time between Delhi and Alwar will be less than 2 hours! Now thats the amount of time it takes you to reach your office in Gurgaon!

The total number of main line stations on this route will be 22. The RRTS project is being implemented by the National Capital Region Transport Corporation (NCRTC).

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