All The Fashion Trends That Made 2021 Even More Fashionable!

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A year and a half after the lockdown, fashion has not died down. Rather I would say that it has picked up some pace, even more so in lockdown. Here’s the list of things that you definitely can relate to!

1. Boho Dresses

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Boho dresses with oxidised jewellery has always been a go-to, comfy option for everyone in Delhi. Whether it be a day-out or a small occasion at your place, boho dresses can never disappoint you.

2. Wide leg/Boyfriend Jeans

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When it comes to current fashion trends, wide leg jeans are back in style and ruling the fashion space in 2021. Wide leg jeans and pants are hands down the hottest non-skinny jeans trend that we can’t get over. It just compliments every body type and accentuates it further.

3. Chunky jewellery

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2021 is conventionally the year of over accessorizing. Pendants and charms, silver, pearls. All of it together dominated the sphere.

4. Bucket Hats

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If you are a k-drama fan, you can relate to this the most. Bucket hats dominated 2020 and they have successfully influenced 2021 as well. They can make a very casual look very cool and chic and they are an add on in your wardrobe.

5. Baguette Bag

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Incase you have recently visited Sarojini Nagar, then you know what I am talking about. You will find these bags all over the place.

6. Satin Dresses

Aspen Midi Dress - CHAMPAGNE Satin | Lady Black Tie

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Satin dresses are prefect for any formal occasions and we have seen a lot of it in this year 2021!

7. Tie and dye

The Entire History of the Tie-Dye Shirt (UPDATED: July 2020) | The Adair Group

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In the pandemic, we have seen that how people used their old clothes and dyed it and all of it became a trend for the year. It gives such cool, summery vibes!

8. Polymer Clay Jewellery

27 Homemade Polymer Clay Jewelry Ideas You Can DIY Easily

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These are cute, small pieces of jewellery that were in trend in the year 2021!

9. Co-ord sets

Blue block printed co-ords set-set of two by Alaya | The Secret Label


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These are the most comfortable, versatile and urban piece of clothing when you are in doubt about what to wear.


Bottom line

Incase you have not, make sure to try out these trends in 2022!

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