Become Friends With Bugs And Insects At This Workshop, Say Whaaat?

You’ve found them under your bed, crawling on the wall and even chased them with a broom. It’s the infamous friends of our ecosystem, bugs and insects. Aren’t these spiders, bumblebees and octopuses just so cute? No? You might want to change your mind or even pet them after this. One of its kind, ‘All About Bugs and Insects’ will take you to the world of crawling tiny species.

What to Expect?

As scary as it seems, this workshop will take you back to your EVS (Environmental Sciences) classes, only much amusing. Did you know butterflies taste through their feet and moths can’t fly during earthquakes? Get to know this and more about these insects.


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What You’ll Love?

These tiny but equally friendly creatures are looking for your love. You’ll get to touch them (under supervision, of course). Who knows, you might overcome your phobia of insects. Share your funny encounters with these little ones and have a good time!


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Bottom Line

When kids pester you with questions about bees and ladybugs, you’ll have all the right information to pass on. Break the stigma and go explore!

Where | Orange Octopus, 36, Block E, Sainik Farm, New Delhi- 110062

Location | Click Here

When | Sat Jan 05,

Time | 12:15 pm to 01:30 pm

Contact | +91-8527770736, +91-9811082737

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