After Afghani Burger, This Is Another Emerging Afghani Delicacy You Need To Try In Town!

Know It All In 30 Seconds

Shawarma, one of the most loved dishes for us Non vegetarians, and many of you have must eaten the best of the best which is served in the town, but have you come across this small shop serving Afghani Shawarma Roll in Brahmaputra Market? And if not, you’re surely missing alot.

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What To Expect

This Mirwais Khan, which is damn popular in Brahmaputra market because of their Ultimate Afghani Shawarma Roll, serves something different than any other shawarma, which has some veggies, and sauces too, and maybe that would be the reason that they sell almost 60 kgs of boneless chicken in 8 hrs!

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What You’ll Love

The good amount of chicken in one shawarma and the varieties of sauces and spices used in the roll, and specially the usage of Afghani Roti makes this a perfect go to meal and a must try.

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Bottom Line

Enjoy this new delicacy in the shawarma world!


Where | Mirwais Khan Afghani Shawarma, Brahmaputra Market, Noida

Price For Two | Rs. 140 (approx.)

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