Hog Onto These Super Buttery Afghani Momos In Dwarka!

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Hot steamed scrumptious dumplings served with spicy red chutney and creamy mayo! From steam to tandoori, to pan, to whatnot, Dilli is hyped with momos craze. But this era of innovation has shed a light on this delicacy by serving you the juiciest yet creamiest Afghani momos in the world, WE BET!

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What To Expect?

A plate, full of mini dumplings enough to stuff your faces with joy. NOM NOM! This mind-boggling KC Restaurant in Dwarka serves the best combi’ of cream and spice in one plate and they name it as Afghani momos. Oh yes, the afghani momos served in this outlet gives you the most divine taste of DImsums fused with strong creamy flavors.

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What You’ll Love?

With just 70 bucks, these scrumptious momos are going you take you to the creamy heaven of desires!

Bottom Line

So bang on with your cool bang!

Where | KC Restaurant – Opposite Relaxo Showroom, Ramphal Chowk, Sector 7, Dwarka

When | 12 Noon – 1 AM

Location | Here

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