Cheerio Delhiites! IGI Airport To Get Country’s Most Advanced And Tallest ATC Tower

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Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport is all set to come up with the country’s most technologically advanced and highest Air Traffic Control- ATC tower, which is expected to enhance the safety and the efficiency of air transport management services over the city’s sky. Read On!

IGI Airport

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The process of this new tower is expected to be completed before August 15. Moreover the tower is expected to enhance the efficiency of air traffic management services at the busiest airport in India. On an average, Delhi Air Traffic Control handles more than one flight operation every minute throughout the day.

ATC Tower

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The new set-up also allows controllers to divide the air space into multiple sectors, as the airspace in the ‘Area Control Centre’ has been divided into five sectors only. This restricts the number of flights that can be handled at any given time from a particular control position. Moreover a fourth runway has been planned to meet the increasing traffic demand!

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