Add Some Sweet In Your Daily Savoury And Have Delicious Moong Dal Halwa From These 5 Places

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Dilli ki sardi is all about hot piping delicious food straight from the oven or kadhai, directly on your plate. And no matter whatever you eat, in the end, one needs to end their food journey with something sweet, and for that bite of sweetness, we’re bringing you 5 different places from where you can grab delicious Moong Dal ka Halwa in Delhi.


1. Gulatis

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Gulati is quite famous for their veg and non-vegetarian extensive menu, and the taste you won’t find anywhere else. The place also serves moong dal halwa which you guys must try if you’re dining here.

Where | Pandara Road

Price | Rs. 250 (approx.)


2. Chaina Ram Sindhi Confectionary

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Chaina Ram in Chandni Chowk is worldly famous for their types of sweet dishes and one among them is Moong dal ka halwa which is made entirely in ghee, giving it an astonishing texture which both feels good while taking a spoon and eating it.

Where | Chandni Chowk

Price | Rs. 340 (approx.)

3. Sheeren Bhawan

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Often gets lost in between the hordes of Mughlai restaurant, this one place is profound for their sweets and especially their white carrot halwa and Moong Dal ka Halwa which is slowly cooked for hours in desi ghee.

Where | Jama Masjid

Price | Rs. 200 (approx.)

4. Kaleva

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The place is quite famous for its sweets and the quality of ingredients they use in making them, which ultimately will make you fall in love with sweets from this place, and while talking about Moong Dal ka Halwa, they don’t compromise at all.

Where | Connaught Place

Price | Rs. 100 (approx)

5. Kanwarji’s

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This place has an age old legacy of serving Delhiites since the 1970s. The recipes are old, made, and updated timely by the heirs and haven’t left the people with regret due to their taste till now. Their Moong Dal ka Halwa recipe is one such thing!

Where | Chandni Chowk

Price | Rs. 400 (approx.)

Bottom Line

Have some halwa from these places and we bet you won’t get affected by this chilly season at all!


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