This HKV Based Tattoo Artist Inked & Taught His Skills To 5 Acid Attack Survivors!

Acid Attack Survivors

5 acid attack survivors had a great day recently when an HKV based tattoo artist inked their arms as a symbol of strength & confidence! One of them, Laxmi felt apprehensive at first as she thought her body was already tattooed with scars. But later she realised that the medium of inking others would make for a good living. That’s how she went for the workshop organised by a local tattoo artist at his hole in the wall work space!

30 Second Window:

  • Tattoo expert Vikas Malani, who spearheaded the day-long activity hosted the workshop as tribute to his late mother. Through the workshop he wished to encourage women to move away from the dogmas of the society!
  • He later offered the 5 survivors a chance to train under him. Such an opportunity was welcomed by another survivor, Rupa. Evidently, she has plans to open a beauty salon with a possible tattoo parlour as well.
  • Two survivors – Ritu & Madhu later planned to keep learning the art & hopefully, one day host a workshop at Sheroes Cafe!

DforDelhi Recommends:

  • That you head down to Sheroes Hangout in Agra to meet & hopefully get a tattoo done from these acid attack survivors!
  • They might still be learning the ropes of it but we’re sure that your smallest of contribution will go a long way toward helping them.

Read the full story by Hindustan Times here.

Photo Courtesy | Hindustan Times

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