A Massive 50% Off Mid Season Sale’s Driving Us Nuts Here At DLF Promenade

Where | Promod, DLF Promenade

Facebook Page | https://www.facebook.com/promodindia/

So, you wanna stock your closet with few gorgeous pieces of clothes? Well, it’s the right time and snag all you want, ’cause the 50% off deal ain’t gonna last forever!

One of the things that we love about Promod at DLF Promenade is its ever so refreshing line of clothes. With a bunch of gorgeously created tops, pants, skirts…everything is looking springy & ready to find their new owners!

And here’s what’s really giving us major shopping goosebumps! NOTHING HERE fails to astonish with fun pops of red, blue, green – heck, we could create a rainbow of dazzling colours.

So, don’t think twice and buy everything that you can!!

Cover Image Courtesy | Promod

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