A Free Stay At This Luxurious Palace In Bikaner, Is All You Need For This Year

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If you want a break from the monotony this pandemic has doomed upon us then Narendra Bhawan of Bikaner is the place you need to go right away. With an offer of where you just pay for your meals and get a free stay, lasting till the end of September you need to pack your bags as soon as possible!



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What To Expect?

An absolute free stay, with just payments made for your meals which is supposed to be 3,500 per person,per day. This meal package would include breakfast, À la carte lunch, high-chai in Laxmi Niwas once during the stay, and a crescent thali dinner experience, once during your stay and a Marwadi thali dinner experience, once during your stay.

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What You’ll Love?

A fairy tale setting, utterly beautiful rooms and architecture. A boutique property just meant for your wonderful stay. This palace residence is something you don’t want to miss.

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Bottom Line| You seriously don’t want to miss out on this steal deal, because this year hasn’t been that much of a sport really?

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