A Cuppa Coffee And The Best Of Books: Here’s Where To Find Them Both Around Town

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Books can be the companion we never had and for the bibliophiles, they are indeed a treat! Just for that and keeping in mind the love for books, here’s a list of cafes that will offer you great food and an even better time with the books that you so love.

1. The Nerdy Indian Cafe

This lovely cafe in Champa Gali has a wonderful fusion menu and also brings some of the best books for you and the best part is that you can get a book after a meal of over INR 500! Isn’t that amazing?

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2. Cafe Turtle

Cafe Turtle has this amazing bookstore called The Full Circle and has a vast collection for you to browse from. So, there’s coffee, flavors and some loveable books to make you happy! Get going, now!

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3. Another Fine Day-Cafe & Reading Room

Made with utmost love, this cafe has a classy yet comfortable decor with an open kitchen that gives a sense of home, other than the lovely books that already, of course, do that too! Choose from the exquisite menu and you’ll know.

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4. Cha Bar

At the heart of Delhi, this pretty cafe is something that comes to the mind, the moment you mention a book cafe and we all love it already, don’t we? Visit for the beautiful collection and the scrumptious food!

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5. Olly

This cafe is what cozy feels like, their baked dishes smell amazing and make you feel like you’re home with the amazing food that feels like cuddles in plates and cups! Give it a visit for all the lovely reasons.

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6. Book Talk

Book Talk has a wall full of classics for you, and the food that you will make you drool other than the good time with your favorite books. The great part is that they have all the new books for you!

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Bottom Line

What better than a book and some food to have your day out!

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