A Bounty Of Books With A Side Of Merch

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Books and quirky goodies that inspire you to read more are a treat for bibliophiles! And if you’re one, then we’ve got something for you that you will not only love but also cherish. StoryLoot is the epitome of all good things in a box. All you need to do is figure out a subscription for you or even for someone as a gift! Try this and you’d end up more than happy.

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What To Expect?

They bring together a hardcover book, with bookish merchandise and goodies from the authors! The great part is that the subscription does not get renewed and you get to choose when to stop. To buy the box, you only have to pay manually! Check out the box of the month from their page and decide for yourself. If you’re an avid reader or even just a goodies hoarder (aren’t we all) then StoryLoot is the place for you!

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What You’ll Love?

You get to choose from boxes with different themes, assorted goodies and varying prices! These include, The Harry Potter Box, StoryLoot-One Month Prepaid and StoryLoot-Three Month Prepaid. Oh, and they have some amazing bibliophilic accessories like pins, bookmarks and some crazy tote bags. Seriously, what’s not there to love?

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Bottom Line

Choose a box or let it choose you, you can always thank us later!

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