A 2 Month Long Food & Shopping Festival Is Going On At This Metro Station!

Where | Akshardham Metro Station

When | Until 30th April

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could score beautiful pieces of jewellery, shades, shoes & clothes while in transit? Yes, we just read your mind, didn’t we? So, for all those who live near Akshardham Metro Station or commute on the Noida Blue Line, SPREAD THE NEWS!

The Parsavnath City Mall Shopping Carnival has brought tons of shops from across Delhi to this lonely metro station! In fact, ever since it kicked off, the number of people left speechless by the variety of shops has been enormous.

Moreover, the carnival doesn’t just attract shoppers, although it might be named that. The carnival also has tons of food options, mostly street food – but that’s really all that we think of anyway!

So, the next time you’re travelling, don’t forget to check out this carnival! And score some amazing clothes, junk jewellery & more dreamy things!

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