90,000 Books, All-You-Can-Carry-Boxes Startin’ INR 999 @Lock The Box Sale!

Where | King’s Park Street, DTTDC, Tagore Garden Extension

When | 20th – 22nd April

Facebook Event Page | https://www.facebook.com/events/345917639256109/

It may be a little early, but we’re pinching ourselves to make sure this isn’t a dream! So, Bookchor.com is hosting a mad book sale from 20th to 22nd April. And if you’re someone who is bored of buying books by the kilo, look no further!

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In fact, we hear that this edition will have over 90,000 books to choose from.

So, at the book sale, 3 different sized boxes will be on offer –

  • The Odysseus Box – to fit a min. of 8-10 books; priced at INR 999
  • The Perseus Box – to fit a min. of 15-17 books; priced at INR 1,499
  • Finally, the Hercules Box – to fit a min. of 28-30 books; priced at INR 2,499

Of course, you won’t ever have to buy your fave books by the kilo! Basically, the whole concept is to make a one-time payment for all the books buyers can fit in their choice of box.

Doesn’t it sound like a great deal? Well, what are you waiting for? Head over and snag some books right away!

Cover Image Courtesy | Bookchor.com

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