8 Things To Eat In Delhi That Are Too Crazy To Be True!

So, when it comes to the wondrous experience i.e eating, there are few things that every foodie agrees to! The crazier the meal, the better the experience & the more visits you pay to the restaurant/cafe. Moreover, Delhi has few crazy dishes that are too good to be true.

So, if you’re new to town, then we highly suggest a lunch/dinner at any of these places!

I. Mac N Cheese In Waffle Cones

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Where |  Street Treat, Shop 1, C-35, Amar Colony

Timings | 1:00 pm to 11:00 pm

Price for two | Rs 350 (Approx)

Mac ‘N’ Cheese is our go-to dish for when we cannot think of what to eat! Now imagine the goodness of cheesy Mac ‘N’ Cheese in a crunchy waffle cone! Sounds SUPER! doesn’t it?

II. Rasmalai Cheesecake

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Where | Mocha Arthouse, 167, Ground Floor, DLF Promenade Mall

Price For Two | INR 1,400

Don’t even think about jumping on your bed until we tell you the whole story! Rasmalai Cheesecake has taken over Delhi and we’re absolutely losing our shit over. Because Rasmalai + Cheesecake is probably the best thing you will ever put in your mouth, EVER!

III. Pizza In A Cone

Location | Konetto, Shop no 10, Opposite Vishal Mega Mart, Gurugram

We agree that ice cream in a cone never gets old, but what if we tell you that now you can also enjoy mouth-watering pizza in a cone? Excited, aren’t you? So are we! The idea of pizza in a cone might make you think that this place is gonna be costly AF, but you are wrong. Here you just have to pay 150 for two people. *Whoot Whoot*

IV. Fried Ice Cream

Where | Vegas Cafe, 2527, Kingsway Camp, Hudson Lane

And Pay | INR 99

Here’s the deal guys! Fried Ice Creams are love! They are made with big dollops of ice creams frozen on a baking sheet and wrapped in cornflake crumbs before frying.

So, the crunchy outside becomes a doorway to heaven. And then you slowly cut through it to reveal the deliciously melting ice cream! Of course, topped with chocolate syrup just for that extra kick.

V. Hot Chocolate Waffle Cone

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Where | The Icekreamists, Select CITYWALK

Price for two |  Rs 200

Yes! you heard us, The Icekreamists in Select CITYWALK have given their classic Hot Chocolate Fudge a twist. They are serving a waffle cone with a frozen chocolate top with magically hot, chocolatey, hot chocolate!

VI. Black Ice Cream

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Where | The Funnel Hill Creamery, Green Park

Price | Rs. 189 per cone

Our favourite ice cream trend – black ice cream – has finally hit the capital!! After Mumbai, the trend of black gothic ice creams is here in Delhi now. The Funnel Hill Creamery, an all-new ice cream parlour in town, has introduced this concept and we cannot wait to get our hands on it!!

VII. Ice Cream Donut Sandwiches

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Where | 7th Heaven, Opposite Surajmal Vihar Central Market, Karkardooma

Price For Two | INR 600

7th Heaven is a hidden gem in Karkardooma which has a sweet little surprise for you. Just imagine Ice-cream filled donuts just melting in your mouth. *Wow* It’s like best of both worlds!! This place has been there for a while now and its customers can’t get enough of it. If you visit the place once, you would want to visit again and AGAIN!! 

VIII. Pizza Waffles

Where | Waffle Wallah, SG-14, Ground Floor, Galleria Market

Price For Two | INR 350

With waffles that are amicably priced to suit every walletWaffle Wallah is an absolute pleasure to visit! EVERYDAY! That’s right because startin’ INR 70, these waffles will drive you INSANE & we’re drooling for more.

So, do give their Tandoori PaneerChicken Keema Wala & Death by Chocolate waffles a try!

Hungry much?

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