8 Horror Movies That Will Numb Your Mind And Scare You Out Of Your Guts

Know It All In 30 Seconds

2020 is already a horror movie in itself but just to make this year a little more thrilling here is a list of 8 Horror movies that will not let you sleep after the credit rolls are done. And, you finally think “Thank God” the movie is over.

1.Evil Dead

If you’re watching this movie make sure you have placed yourself in the safest location if your house and also are closest to the washroom. Although the plot is about how when you’re twenty something and in the woods you shouldn’t touch the book of the dead and a lot of suspense but mostly tolerable. But, very graphic scenes and their horror is mind boggling and clearly will leave you stuttering!

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Where To Watch | Evil Dead

2.Lights Out  

Never a dull moment in this movie where a sister tries to save her brother from an evil that once tried to possess her. This movie will definitely make you go  ‘Lights on!’ for two days. Make sure you don’t spill that tub of popcorn.

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Where To Watch | Lights Out


A sci-fi horror movie where you’re taken on a journey where a biologist is out on a dangerous journey in a zone where laws of nature doesn’t apply.to The graphics are to die for and you’ll wish some of these things never come into real life.

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Where to Watch | Annihilation

4. IT

A child eating clown and some bullied kids that’s all it takes to make a movie downright scary. The cinematic performance by the cast in the movie will leave you scared and terrified to death!

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Where to Watch | IT

5.The Exorcist

If horror movies had an OG then this is it. With a child being possessed with the deadliest entity that there is and two priests trying to fix her, it takes someone with the bravest heart to watch the movie through all and not skip at all. Pro tip: this isn’t for the faint hearted.

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Where to Watch | The Exorcist

6.Gerald’s Game

With a married couple taking a weekend off to a comfy cabin, and suddenly the husband dying from a sudden heart attack. While after the incident when the woman starts seeing scary hallucinations and battles her way to survive, this psychological horror is downright a scary ride.

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Where to Watch | Here

7.Don’t Breathe

This story is of a group of teenagers who break into the house of a blind man trying to  commit the perfect crime. But, did things go down bad as they did this? Yes. With a blind man on a kill spree this movie will keep on the edge of your sit all the time.

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Where to Watch | Here

8.The Grudge

When a young police officer investigates the brutal murder of children committed by their own mother, and further goes on to find out the scariest thing about the house they lived. This movie is a race against time and you’ll be consumed with curiosity and horror all at the same, you would want to watch it and not watch it all together!

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Where to Watch | Here

Bottom Line | Go ahead watch these, but proceed with caution and comfortable blanket.

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