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The last season of the epic show, Game Of Thrones will be out in a few days. It’s been 2 years we last saw Starks, Lannisters, White Walkers and Targayryns fighting for the throne. Get your subscriptions renewed ASAP! Meanwhile, we’ve made a list of top 8 moments of the show as a part of your revision cycle (in case you forgot who Melisandre and Gendry are, like us).

Caution! Spoilers ahead.

Season 1 Episode 09

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The Death of Ned Start 

Did Ned Stark become your favourite character already? This was just one of the first heart-breaking moments of the show. Ned Stark died at the hands of Ser Ilyn Payne (Wilko Johnson), a mute knight who served as royal executioner to King Joffrey. The scene became more intense when Ned was beheaded right in front of his daughters Arya and Sansa.

Season 2 Episode 10

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The First Glimpse of The White Walkers

Blue-sparkling eyes with a zombie-like walk, we got goosebumps with the first-ever glimpse of the white walkers. To defeat the undead, the Jon Snow army needs weapon such as Valyrian steel. His sword was made from dragon glass.

Season 3 Episode 09

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The Red Wedding

*The Rains Of Castamere plays in the background* The betrayal of Freys and the murder of Ned Stark’s son Robb, along with his pregnant wife and his mother, Catelyn.

Season 4 Episode 02

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Purple Wedding- Joffrey’s Death

The most terrifying yet joyous moment was to see Joffrey die. Adding a cherry on top, later we found out that Lord Petyr Baelish and Lady Olenna Tyrell were the mastermind of the entire stint.

Season 5 Episode E10

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Jon Snow’s Death 

Ending the season with the biggest cliffhanger of the show, the son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen, Jon Snow, was stabbed to death by his own army men. Just like our Mihir Virani (in Kyuki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi), he gets resurrected by Melisandre in the next season.

Season 6 Episode 09

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Battle of Bastards 

One of the most impressively shot battles in the history of visual arts, the episode was gut-punching and exhilarating. The Stark-led army, along with other minor Northern houses were on the verge of defeat when the knights of the Vale led by House Arryn arrive in time to smash through the Bolton infantry on the rear. Ramsay finally dies, resulting in the extinction of House Bolton.

Season 6 Episode 10

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Cersei Destroys Her Enemies 

There were so many exciting moments in this season that we had to include 2. Cersei takes her revenge in the deadliest way possible.  Well, sadly Margaery dies. Cersei also confesses that she had her husband King Robert killed and that she slept with her brother Jaime. Then comes the ‘Walk of Shame’. Tommen was then shown looking out of the window at the carnage outside, before taking off his crown and leaping to his death

Season 7 Episode 06

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Viserion Joins The Army Of The Dead

Daenerys’s beloved Viserion joins the army of the dead which grants him additional protections. White Walkers are immune to normal forms of death. They freeze blades until they shatter and move with inhuman speeds! The season ends leaving us shattered and keeping us waiting for the next two years.

Lets keep our fingers crossed and hope that our favourite characters don’t die a mighty death.

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