7 Productive Things You Can Do At Home Instead Of Spreading Fake News About Coronavirus

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The world is working from home and there’s no deny to the fact that it has to be the second best decision your boss made, first being hiring you. Stop falling prey to fake news about coronavirus. This will not only create chaos and panic but is no better than adding fuel to the fire. Here are 7 things you can do instead!

1. Eat Right To Boost Your Immune System

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Eat more citrus fruits, broccoli, yogurts, almonds..eating veggies is better than getting quarantined. Also encourage your elders to do the same.

2. Call ’em Near And Dear Ones

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If haven’t been able to catch up with chachaji and buajis, now is the time. Video call college friends, spread some joy yaar. 

3. De-clutter The Closet

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Lack of time will not be a valid reason anymore. De-cluttering might seem tedious at first but is absolutely therapeutic.

4. Read More

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Get your hands on your favourite read, now is the time. Let that intellectual side come out.

5. Oh Yeah, Exercise!

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Time to lose those extra inches you gained in winters. Since its a work from home,  you have ample amount of time to adjust your exercise routine. Avoid going out for walks/runs though.

6. Verify And Report Fake News About Coronavirus

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If you come across news about Coronavirus that seem to be corrupt, verify it and then report it to the concerned authorities.

7. …Chill, This Time Ain’t Coming Back

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This time ain’t coming back for a long time. Get yourself involved into something productive and meaningful like lazying out and chilling.

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