7 Reasons Check-Out The World’s Largest White Desert Festival

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Do you remember Amitabh Bachchan saying “Kuchh Dinn Toh Guzaaro Gujarat Mein”, it’s the right time to live by his words. World’s Largest White Desert Festival, ‘Rann Utsav’ is currently going on in Kutch, Gujarat and here’s everything you need to know about it…

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1. A Cultural Enigma

Started in 2008 by Gujarat Tourism, Rann Utsav is a celebration of Indian and Local culture through cultural events and folk art presentations. The festival provides something for people of all ages. All the events are family-friendly and can be enjoyed even with young children or your elder family members.

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2. Easy Accommodations

There are tons of accommodation options available from Tents to AC Rooms to Luxurious Suites, depending upon your budget and comfort. They’ve built an entire “Tent City” for you to choose from.

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3. Connectivity 

The easiest way to reach the venue is to deboard a train at BHUJ and later take a bus to the Tent City. Thus having extremely convenient connectivity.

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4. To the moon

The decorations and the natural beauty of the place is the main attraction. During sunset, the white desert looks like a moon. You can capture the beauty & say “Chand pe hai apun”

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5. Scenic Landmarks

Apart from the white desert, the festival also takes you to the serene beaches and the scenic hilltops. The Mandvi Beach & The Kala Dungar (Black Hills) are among two of the most important highlights of the festival.

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6. A multicultural crossover

At the festival, you can meet people from all around India and all around the globe who have come to celebrate the essence of India all in one place.

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7. A blissful shopping experience

Through the four-month-long festival, a craft bazaar is set up for people to know more about and to take home some pieces of Indian handicrafts as a souvenir.

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Bottom Line

Plan your trip on a Full-Moon night to live up to the once in a lifetime experience!

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