7 Quirky Places That You Need To Visit For Wacky Golgappa Treat For Yourself!

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Golgappa is one of the most favorite chaat for every Delhiite. No matter where you live, the craving of gol gappe might struck to your mind and tummy once and would surely salivate your glands whenever you see bhayiya putting the filled gol gappa in the tangy mint water and serving in the bowls! But apart from that, these 7 places serve the most unique kind of gol gappe that you need to have ASAP!


1. Pizza Golgappa

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Well, what you think about this fusion? Your favourite chaat having the twist of cheese in it, somewhat making it a not so big pizza balls! Just feel the blast of cheese when you take your first golgappa in your mouth!

Where | Social Foodie Inside

Price For Two | Rs. 450 (approx.)


2. Oreo Golgappa

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Another two favourite things come together, the taste and chocolatiness of Oera and the crispy gol gappa, when mixed up together becomes a bomb of sweet taste when you crush them in your mouth!

Where | Cafe BFF

Price For Two | Rs. 500 (approx.)


3. Golgappe Shots

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This place in Gurugram is on another level serving the golgappas with a whole new concept. They serve the filling in a small cooker and water filling in 4 different flavours, and imly and mint chutney in two syringes.

Where | Molecule

Price For Two | Rs. 1500 (approx.)


4. Fruit Golgappe

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As the title says, this golgappe have fruit filling, serving fruit juice as the liquid to be put in them, which is unique in their own way!

Where | Fab Cafe

Price For Two | Rs. 900 (approx.)


5. Dahi Golgappe

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The pure authentic taste which you can find anywhere, but if you want to taste the best, head over to this place in old Delhi, serving the best dahi bhare golgappe in town.

Where | Ashok Chaat Bhandar

Price For Two | Rs. 100 (approx.)


6. Chhole Bhature Golgappe

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Lip-smacking chhole bhature in the form of gol gappe. Punjabi by nature have turned gol gappe in chhole bhature by putting pindi chhole in mini small size bhaturas to give you the same taste as chhole bhature.

Where | Punjabi by nature 2.0

Price For Two | Rs. 1000 (approx.)


7. Chocolate Golgappa

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Last but not the least for sure, these golgappas are made up of chocolate, have melted chocolate inside that will give you a chocolate explosion like you’ve never experienced before!

Where | SFI Campus

Price For Two | Rs. 300 (approx.)


Bottom Line

So when are you planning to eat all of them?

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