7 Apps That Will Help You Attain A Peaceful Mind Amidst The Lockdown

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Keeping a peaceful mind in times like these might seem like a difficult task. But there lies no better way than mindfulness to keep oneself content. Meditation can bring peace to the mind and here are 7 apps on Play Store that will you achieve the same.

1. Calm- Meditate, Sleep, Relax

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Starting with the most popular one on the list, this app will help those attain calmness in order to achieve a sound sleep. They guided meditation sessions, sleep stories, breathing programs and more varying in different time spans.

Play Store Rating | 4.4


2. Smiling Mind

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They have a special section for those struggling with uncertainty during this lockdown. Features like ‘The Body Scan’ will help you track your improvement better.

Play Store Rating | 4.2


3. Om Chanting: Healing, Meditation Music

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They will provide you with an aura of positivity and help you with morning chants. This is the perfect app to declutter your thoughts and help you restore inner peace.

Play Store Rating | 4.7


4. Headspace: Meditation & Sleep

The Importance and Benefits of Meditations

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This Editor’s Choice categorised app will train your mind and body to choose a healthier path within a few minutes. Follow the instructions, sit back and sleep.

Play Store Rating | 3.5


5. Meditation & Relaxation Music: Calm Sleep Sounds

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High-quality ambient music to help you relax and sleep. You can even create your own ambience music by combining sounds. They even have a therapeutic sounds effect called ‘tropical rain’.

Play Store Rating | 4.6


6. Mind

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All you need is a chair, your phone and 10 minutes to help you get through this. This app gives you an access to 350 podcasts by best experts from around the world.

Play Store Rating | 4.7


7.Serenity: Guided Meditation & Mindfulness

Transcendental Meditation and Its Many Benefits

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Opt for their 7-day audio exercise for a basic course in mindfulness. They also have features like sleep guides and quick meditation that are equally effective.

Play Store Rating | 4.8

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