7 Fashion Boutiques In Shahpur Jat For All Your Stunning OOTDs!

So, to kick off the season of love, we rounded up 7 of the best names at Shahpur Jat that are doing the best OOTDs! And since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, a shopping spree at these stores is all you’ll ever need.

I. Midnight Owl by Ishita & Trishna

Where | 39 A, First Floor, Shahpurjat Village

Facebook Page | https://www.facebook.com/midnightowlbyit/

What really excites us about winter wardrobe transition is we get to play around with different colours and textures. And if you’re someone who’s looking for clothes that are simple, affordable and full of fun pops of different hues, then this boutique will DEFO set your imagination free. Midnight Owl by Ishita & Trishna is relatively new, however, they know their game! Their designs have the perfect amount of classy, edgy and girly vibes! And they refresh their designs every few months to keep you on your toes!

II. Kardo

Where | Jungi House, 5g 2nd Floor, Shahpur Jat

Facebook Page | https://www.facebook.com/thisiskardodesign/

Considered to be one of the finest fashion stores for men, Kardo features everything that men need to look dapper. Not only are their designs easy to pair with edgy looking shoes, you can also wear them with casual ones. So, if you’re a big admirer of the little details in your outfit, then look no further! ‘Cause these guys know exactly how to make any guy look dapper and in their best!

III. Kanelle

Where | 114 Shahpur Jat

Facebook Page | https://www.facebook.com/kanelleHQ/

What we really found unique about Kanelle is that they vehemently believe in keeping things cool. From tops that can make any look better, the number of designs they have got really struck us as extraordinary. So much so that we couldn’t figure out which one is our favourite! And if you’re someone who loves such dilemmas, then look no further!!

IV. Les Parisiennes à Delhi

Where | 5B, Dada Jungi House, Shahpur Jat

Facebook Page | https://www.facebook.com/Les-Parisiennes-à-Delhi-218733658176268/

Housed in a beautiful haveli, Les Parisiennes à Delhi is one of the finest places for women, men and kids to shop! And considering they design some of the most chic lines of clothes, a party monger can easily have his/her imagination go wild here!! With fun pops of beautiful colours printed on designs that scream vintage-ness, these guys must be on your bucket list!

V. One Pretty Girl

Where | 5m/1, Dada Jungi House, Shahpur Jat

Facebook Page | https://www.facebook.com/Oneprettygirlindia/

What was once considered to be a bride’s safe haven, these guys have forayed into so much more! From beautifully sown chic bridal clothes, if your bae is gonna propose to you on V-Day, well, you know where to shop at for all your bridal clothes & accessories! And we couldn’t be more impressed with of each of their designs that scream chic vintage feel! Ps. don’t forget to check out their juttis & potlis!!

VI. Shiva Jangra Design Studio

Where | 305, Near HDFC ATM, Shahpur Jat

Facebook Page | https://www.facebook.com/Shiva-Jangra-Design-Studio-1939737102911246/

For all your small occasions and a bomb reception party during or after Valentine’s Day, these guys design the most elegant, eye-catching dresses ever! Beautifully designed to keep every girl’s imagnation churning, their designs can easily uplift your mood and set your imagination free!

VII. Akshay Wadhwa

Where | Vaasvi, 5A, Dada Jungi House, Shahpur Jat

Facebook Page | https://www.facebook.com/AkshayWadhwa.V/

Do you love fusion? Well, coming with an experience of 3 generations, Akshay Wadhwa was destined to take over the fashion industry of Delhi! His designs may be on the higher end of the price range, but they are sophisticated and elegant af! In fact, we bet that you’ll absolutely love picking out a stunning dress from his collection!

So, no there’s absolutely no doubt that these boutiques will make all your Valentine’s Day and wedding OOTDs a true and elegant makeover! Get shopping? We already have!

Cover Image Courtesy | Midnight Owl by Ishita & Trishna

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