7 Books To Read In A Blanket This Winter

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Who said the winters and the holiday season is meant only for stepping out? If winters for you mean being stuck in your blanket, we’ve got your back. Check these books to make your blanket vacation worth it.

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1. 61 Hours

This is the 14th story in Lee Child’s popular “Jack Reacher” series. This story is about Reacher surviving a fatal accident on an icy-cold day in South Dakota. In a town close by, he has to help one courageous lady is status up for justice in a small city threatened through sinister forces.

Author: Lee Child

Publisher: Penguin

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2. Midwinter Murder

For those of you who aren’t very fond of reading novels, here’s one of the best collections of short stories in the form of winter-themed mysteries. The author is best known for her engaging murder mysteries, and this is a montage of some of her amazing works.

Author: Agatha Christie

Publisher: Harper Collins

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3. Icebound

This is a crispy story about a group of scientists who are conducting a strange and urgent experiment in the arctic ice field. During the process, they placed sixty powerful explosives that will explode at midnight until they discover that one of them is a murderer on a mission.

Author: Dean Koontz

Publisher: Bantam

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4. Misery

This is the story of Paul Sheldon, a best-selling author who finds himself in rural Colorado after a fatal accident and is at the mercy of Annie Wilkes, his self-proclaimed number one fan. He finds a way to resurrect her by creating a new novel, one dedicated just to her. Paul has to now write to live rather than to earn a living.

Author: Stephen King ❤

Publisher: Pocket Books

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5. Let It Snow

It is an anthology of three short tales edited by Fault in Our Stars’ fame John Green, Maureen Johnson, and Laureen Myracle and bound together by a thread. It’s a lighthearted, festive, and amusing novella that puts the reader in a holiday mood.

Author(s): Maureen Johnson, John Green & Laureen Myracle

Publisher: Penguin

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6. The Sanatorium

This is a dark-gothic thriller about Elin Warner, who visits an isolated hotel in the Swiss Alps to attend his estranged brother’s engagement. Everything goes fine till they realise that this hotel was built over a former Sanatorium and the bride-to-be vanishes.

Author: Sarah Pearse

Publisher: Bantam Press

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7. The Gift

This is a heartwarming novel about Lou Suffern, who wishes he could be in two different locations simultaneously. Gabe wishes he was in a warm place. Lou’s world is turned upside down when he welcomes Gabe, a homeless guy who sits outside his office, into the building and his life…

Author: Cecelia Ahern

Publisher: HarperCollins

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Bottom Line

Don’t forget to get yourself the hug of your favourite hot drink.


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