6 Unknown Facts About Humayun’s Tomb That Will Blow Your Mind Away!

Humayun’s Tomb is one of the oldest and grandest monuments in Delhi. But there are certain secrets that the monument holds that you probably didn’t know about! And these facts we’re about to present might just shock you.

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I. There Are Over 100 Graves Inside The Complex

For all those who thought that the Humayun’s Tomb complex is solely dedicated to Humayun, think again. The entire complex is home to over 100 odd graves spread across the entire complex. From the first floor to the empty space directly outside Humayun’s grave, the complex is a quaint space with a certain odd yet, humbling charm to it.

II. Humayun’s Tomb Is India’s First Garden Tomb

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Known for the lush green surrounding, a tour of the tomb complex is a serenading experience! A peaceful and quaint environment, the tomb is home to hundreds of trees of different types. The complex offers mini gardens, small pockets of fountains and lush green surroundings that manage to attract people from far and wide. You can find tourists enjoying a walk or even a sit down under the canopies of the trees.

III. The Tomb Built By Hamida Banu Begum For Her Husband

There are very few monuments in India that were built by the emperors’ wives for their late husbands. And Humayun’s Tomb is one such monument. Built inĀ 1570, the Tomb’s architecture is heavily influenced by both Hindu, as well as, Islamic cultures.

IV. Humayun’s Tomb Architecture Inspired The Design Of Taj Mahal

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The design of Humayun’s Tomb was conceptualised by Persian architect Mirak Mirza Ghiyath. And while the architecture was heavily influenced by both Hindu and Islamic cultures, it was also the inspiration behind Taj Mahal!

Now, tell us, were any of these fun facts known to you?

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