6 Restaurants In Delhi That Serve The Hot, Spicy And Sweet Mulled Wine!

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A red wine beverage, mulled wine is typically made with spices like Cinnomon, nutmeg and a lot of things. This mulled wine is a perfect treat in winters as it makes your body warm and goes well with the festive cheer!

1. Perch Wine & Coffee Bar

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Perch is a great place to enjoy a glass of wine or two. Apart from the brands that are already there in the market. They offer a lot of variety in house that’s worth a try for everyone!

2. FIO Cookhouse and Bar

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They not just have an extensive variety of food but their winter menu also includes mulled wine. This cafe is a must-try place for Sunday Brunches as it has such an ambience.

3. The Wine Company

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The wine company is a mix of fancy bar and an amazing ambience. The mulled wine here is a combination of red wine, brandy, spices and honey. So, what are we waiting for, Let’s go and grab a glass!

4. Music and Mountains- Hillside Cafe

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This cafe has both bar and restaurant and it makes you go aw. They give you all the festive and cozy vibes in winters. Apart from freshly prepared soups and everything, they have this exotic mulled wine that feels even more delicious when served with that ambience.

5. United Coffee House Rewind

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If you’re someone who is not a beginner and has acquired the taste of mulled. This is the best place for you. They serve mulled wine with a hint of sweetness and spicy, do give it a try y’all!

6. Ditas

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They serve a variety of European and Asian delicacies and are known for that, but the mulled wine they are offering is a mixture of apples, pomegranate and what not!


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