6 Places You Can Go For An Impromtu Road Trip From Delhi Right Away

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If “All those who wander are not lost” is THE quote of your life and Wanderer is your middle name, we are pretty sure road trips is the love of your life. So here are a list of destinations you can head to right away for a road trip from the NCR.


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One of the most underrated destination for road-trips. It is approximately 165 away from Delhi. The beautiful tourist attractions like Moti Dungri,Sariska reserve and more offers a plenty of attractions to see, and you can even stay at luxurious forts such Neemrana Palace and Kesroli Hill Fort. All in all it is a very wholesome place.


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Considered to be one of the holiest place in the country, Mathura is believed to be the birthplace of Lord Krishna. You must visit the Sri Krishna Janma Bhoomi and the ghats that have been made along the River Yamuna. Out of the 25 ghats, the Vishram Ghat is considered to be the holiest. 


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A small hill town near Dehradun, the drive to Chakrata, through the majestic hill roads along giant rivers, is as gorgeous as the destination itself. The place has plenty to offer from adventure sports, trekking to just walk through the flowery forests in nearby jungles. Get to this underrated place right now!



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Rishikesh an impromptu road are synonymous words for delhiites. Located within the 500km radius of the capital, it has everything to offer from artsy cafes, serene view of the hill, adventure sports activities and also an immense spiritual significance.


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The Corbett National Park and its safaris are a yes yes for a beautiful road trip.You can also go river rafting, or visit the Garjia Devi temple that is at the top a huge rock in the midst of Kosi River.



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A drive to Agra is considered as one of the best road trips from Delhi by car. The 165-km long Yamuna Expressway is perfect for the road trip enthusiast in you! From The Taj Mahal to their Petha everything in Agra has its own charm.

Bottom Line | Get on the road in 3…2…1 now!


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