5 Ways You Can Protect Older People From Coronavirus

Know It All In 30 Seconds

Those who are above the age of 65 are more prone to the novel COVID 19. Belonging to the healthier section of the age group, the Gen Y needs to stand and take responsibility of the elderly. Here are 5 ways to prevent them from catching Coronavirus.

1.  Teach Them The 20-Second Happy Birthday Rule

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It is advised that you scrub your hands properly for 20 seconds. Getting bored? Sing the “Happy Birthday” song and by then, you’ll be done.

2. Cancel Nonessential Doctor’s Appointments

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The elderly might have their routine checkups but if possible, ask them if it can be postponed. Visiting a clinic or a hospital at this alarming hour isn’t the safest thing to do.

3. Healthful Eating And Do Seated Exercise

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Since they have a comparatively weaker immune system, eating the right food and supplements will help. Add more citric food, greens, almonds and other immune-boosters to their diet. Taking walks within the house or just seated exercise will also keep the body functioning.

4. Take Them To The Balcony For Some Sunlight

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Soak in the Vitamin D. Thankfully, the Sun God is blessing the city. Stronger the sun, better the chance of eliminating the virus.

5.  Even A Regular Simple Phone Call Works

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Do not feel sorry if you are physically not present around them. Keep their morale high by making frequent video or phone calls.

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