5 Unisex Fashion Labels You Should Check Out To Give Your Wardrobe A New Vibe!

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Breaking gender norms and questioning the boundaries while dressing up and providing a safer safe for non-binary people. Here’s the list of labels that you check out to give your wardrobe a different vibe!

1. Anaam


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It is a label founded by Sumairan Kabir Sharma. The label focuses on the silhouettes and fabrics and not on who will wear it. You should definitely get your hands on some of their pieces!

2. Kallol Datta


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The designer’s engagement with the most unexpected fabrics makes it even more beautiful.

3. Huemn


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It is great when you will visit the site of this label, you will get to see that they have added a separate section for the non-binary people and have made their representation so inclusive. Their clothes look so aesthetic and funky at the same time. Totally a vibe!

4. Bloni


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For any fashion to grow, sustainability is an important factor. Reusing clothes keeping in mind the environment is an important aspect.

5. Norblack Norwhite


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It is a way of redefining age old practices of textile design to fit modern-day sensibilities. It comprises unisex outfits without making any difference in fabrics. Their Instagram feed is so beautiful, you should definitely check it out!


Bottom line

Try these unisex fashion labels for a unique fashion statement!

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