5 Reasons Why All Girls Trip To Ladakh Must Be On Every Dilliwalis Bucket List!

5 Reasons Why All Girls Trip To Leh-Ladakh Must Be On Every Dilliwalis Bucket List!

If travelling is the best drug you could ever ask for, then hold on to your hooves and check out this list! Ladies, we present to you 5 simple reasons, so simple you never thought of it before, maybe. And yes, it’s absolutely safe, if at all your parents or your hubby get a little worried. So, unless you’d rather sit in the boiling kettle that Delhi is right now, we highly recommend a trip to Ladakh!

5 Reasons Why All Girls Trip To Leh-Ladakh Must Be On Every Dilliwalis Bucket List!

30 Second Window:

  • So, we curated 5 ridiculously simple reasons why you ladies must head for an all girls’ road trip to Ladakh! The place, needless to say, is heaven on earth.
  • And though it might be cold there, it sure as hell ain’t hot as Delhi!
I. Don’t Need Guys To Make The Trip

We’re not asking you to take your hubbies or boyfriends along, we are highly recommending it! Why, did you ask? Because when was the last time you went for a trip without the usual ‘uff tum bhi na’┬áline from some guys? Sure, you might not face this usually but you must have some time! So, we ask you again ladies, do you really need guys for such amazing trips? No, right?

II. Highest Motorable Pass

Yep, the oxygen level high up is slightly low! But guess what! You won’t require it much since you’ll either be motoring on a scooty, cruiser or bicycle. Ahan, you read that right! In Leh you can bicycle up the mountains to a certain point. Khardungla is the highest motorable pass here in the mountains. But here’s the deal, this place also has army camps. You know what that means? Some adventure sports like training in the dugout if you can get the permit!

III. Sunbathing Next To Pangong Tso

Pangong Tso in Ladakh is situated at a height of 4250 metres above sea level and it’s absolutely smashing the lake! And that’s not the only quality of this place. Some believe that the water here is so fresh you only need to let it warm up a bit before drinking, so you don’t catch a cold! Of course, the drive here is a bit of stretch but it’s worth every bit oxygen loss deficiency you might face!

IV. Ridiculously Beautiful Pictures

Needless to say Ladakh has some fo the most charming sceneries in India and it’s a photographer’s paradise! So, if at all your pal is a photography enthusiast we highly recommend that she carry her camera to take some rad pictures of all of you. The pictures, we’re sure, will be top notch and for keepsake till you’re alive!

V. Break The Women Shouldn’t Go On Trips Alone Stigma

In Leh-Ladakh two communities freedom like nowhere else in India! Both Muslims and Buddhists enjoy a freedom like no other – making this trip one of the safest, most enjoyable ones! Which also means that if you haven’t met your friends in a long time, then this is one trip you have got to take!

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  • That you get your fix of wanderlust from Delhi to Leh. The journey will soon kick off to Leh for that perfect summer getaway with your friends!

So, now that you’re planning your trip may we suggest something? Check out the cheapest way getting to Leh-Ladakh here. It’ll only cost you INR 1,365!

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