5 Reasons Why You’ve Got To Check Out Orange Peel In GK1

After giving all the tried and tested bakeries a chance, we guess we have found our favourite one! Orange Peel in Greater Kailash 1 has got the worlds’ creamiest cheesecakes and the most chocolatey cakes, and if you do not believe us, then here are 5 reasons why you have just got to check it out!

Orange Peel
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Jar Cakes

They have a variety of jar cakes that are going to blow your mind away! While at it, do try their Nutty Muddy Brownie Blast Jar, and Red Velvet Cake Jar!


Since it is the mango season, indulge into the goodness of the king of fruits with their mango cheesecake. These creamy cheesecakes are one of a kind and absolutely heavenly!

Red Velvet Cake

If you have an upcoming birthday or just want to dig into a cake without any occasion, then try their red velvet cake. Four layers of Red Velvet Sponge, covered beautifully with cream cheese frosting!


Do not forget to add one of their creamy, crunchy pies to your list while you are there. These heavenly pies are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth like none other!


Lastly, you have got to try one of  their cupcakes to get rid of those post-work blues! Be it PMS-ing or you have your simple binging mood on one bite into their cupcake and you will be sorted for life!

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