25 Years Of DMRC! Here’s 5 Reasons Why The Delhi Metro Is A Knight In Shining Armour, Quite Literally!

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From 1995-2019, DMRC has entered its 25th year of making lives easier for us Delhiites. As Delhi Metro is growing by leaps and bounds, every metro commuter can vouch that it’s undoubtedly the jaan¬†of the city! Even though we crib about things like seat nahi milti yaar or the long lines, here are 5 reasons we’ll all agree to as to why is Delhi Metro our hero!

1. A Saviour From The Infamous Delhi Pollution


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Not only has the Delhi Metro won several awards for being environment-friendly, but it also saves us from the terrible, suffocatingly unbearable Delhi pollution. No one likes coughing their lungs out, right?

2. Easy On The Pocket

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Aren’t the cab fares touching the sky? And let’s not even get started about the ever increasing petrol prices! But Delhi peeps have nothing to worry about because the Delhi Metro is not only fast and snazzy but also pocket-friendly!

3. Escape From The Epic Dilli Ki Sardi/Garmi!

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Be it the clammy summers or the bitterly cold winters, Delhi weather likes to operate in extremes. But we’re grateful to have the metro for it saves us from the woes of hot summer days with its super effective air conditioning and keeps us cosy on the chilly winter ones!

4. “First-Coach-In-The-Moving-Direction-Is-Reserved-For-Ladies”

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As women, we’ve all felt a little unsafe while commuting in public transport. The ladies compartment solves that problem because there’s no guy sneakily trying to position himself near you or there’s no unnecessary bumping with the opposite sex. Also obviously, it smells relatively better in the sweaty summers!

5. Fast n Feasible


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Delhi Metro has literally brought the city closer. No longer do we have to be stuck in traffic for hours. Just plug in your earphones and enjoy the ride as the metro takes you wherever and whenever!

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