5 Places Perfect For This Independence Weekend Getaway

5 Places Perfect For This Independence Weekend Getaway

The long weekend we had been finally waiting for is HERE. Well, almost. While some of you must’ve already made plans for this Independence weekend, but in case you haven’t, we’ll nudge you into making some!

Keeping in mind the monsoon season, here’s a list of 5 places perfect for a long weekend getaway:


5 Places Perfect For This Independence Weekend Getaway
Courtesy: Uttarakhand Tourism

One of the most easily accessible places even during the monsoons, Mussoorie is a small hill station a 33 km drive from Dehradun that takes a little over an hour.  A place that boasts of picturesque landscapes and lush green valleys, is almost always girdled with floating clouds. It’s a perfect getaway if you’re seeking some peaceful time and a detox from the daily rut. Also, given the distance, Mussoorie can make for a fun road trip!

Things to do:
  • Sightseeing in Cable cars and Sky Bridge (Cost: INR 75 for a round trip & INR 300 respectively)
  • Enjoy authentic Garhwali and Tibetan cuisines available in almost every restaurant
  • Try a Winemaking workshop at Hotel Devdar ( Cost: INR 1200 )
  • Visit beautiful Churches dotted all across the hill station

 Distance from Delhi | 279 km

Suggested means of travel | by road


5 Places Perfect For This Independence Weekend Getaway
Courtesy: Transindiatravels

We all know this beautiful city of lakes. Udaipur is ideal if you want to book a room, sit around in quaint cafes and restaurants and enjoy the stunning views of the lakes. The city breathes within it the grandeur of past kingdoms, and it shows in the lovely architecture surrounding the group of scenic lakes. Streets never bereft of backpackers from around the world, Udaipur is bound to charm you, the moment you step in.

Things to do:
  • Take a tour of the City Palace and the market
  • Sit around the steps near the Lake Pichola
  • Catch the sunset from the Monsoon Palace
  • Boat ride around the city, especially during sunset hours.

Distance from Delhi | 661 km

Suggested means of travel | by train/air


5 Places Perfect For This Independence Weekend Getaway
Courtesy: VaranasiWomenTours

Regarded as the spiritual capital of India, Varanasi is bound to give you the most magical experience during your stay there. You’ll be charmed by the sheer magnificence of this holy city. The culture, the people, the sites, the food, even the chaos, everything about Varanasi will be forever amongst your most cherished memories. A spiritual retreat, you’d not want to NOT experience.

Things to do:
  • Boating in the River Ganges (a must!)
  • Strolls during sunset hours alongside the ghats. ( You’ll wish the sun would never set)
  • Witness the famous evening Aarti ceremony at the River
  • Art fanatic? Visit the famous Bharat Kala Bhavan Museum
  • Shop for authentic silk saris and explore the vibrant market of Varanasi.
  • Indulge in the rich flavours of Varanasi. And if you haven’t, do try the famous Banarasi Paan along with many other delicacies of the place.

 Distance from Delhi | 820 km

Suggested means of travel | by train/ air

Khajjiar, Dalhousie

5 Places Perfect For This Independence Weekend Getaway
Courtesy: WaytoIndia

Popularly known as the “mini Switzerland” of India, Khajjiar in Dalhousie is utterly beautiful with its green meadows, forests, as well as the misty mountain ranges that encompass it. One of the most refreshing short trips you can take from Delhi. Don’t want to move much this weekend? Well, Dalhousie, it is. Trust us, you’ll come back a new leaf.

Things to do:
  • Get yourself a room with a balcony, and enjoy a steaming cup of chai with breathtaking views of the greens. (How can one not?)
  • Visit the scenic Khajjiar Lake for a stroll or a picnic. ( A therapeutic experience for sure!)
  • Visit the Mall Road in Dalhousie for shops and restaurants.
  • Want more? Stay in home stays to explore the quaint villages and the life of the locals.
  • Most importantly, enjoy the authentic Himachali food. (Honestly, there’s nothing better than this.)

Distance from Delhi | 573 km

Suggested means of travel | by air/ road

Pushkar, Ajmer

5 Places Perfect For This Independence Weekend Getaway
Courtesy: Wikimedia

A quaint little town offers you a beautiful combination of hills, sand dunes and a lake. Pushkar is known to be the only religious place in the world to have 500 temples in one single town! Bustling with tourists from around the globe as well as devout Hindus, Pushkar never rests. A place where one can experience the whole of Rajasthani culture in a weekend getaway, we promise, you’ll keep coming back to it!


Things to do :
  • Walk through the serpentine market alleys for postcards, souvenirs, ethnic jewellery, clothes, and what not!
  • Watch the sunset from the popular Sunset Point of Pushkar
  • Visit the Brahma Temple
  • Check out interesting cafes spread all around the town. (By the way, Pushkar is strictly against serving non-vegetarian food)
  • A heaven for photography enthusiasts, Pushkar is great for street photography owing to its vibrant local life.

Distance from Delhi | 415.8 km

Suggested means of travel | by train/ by road


Bottom Line

Do not waste any more time, plan your long weekend ASAP!


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