5 Fashion Trends That Every Guy Should Follow This Summer

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The mercury level doesn’t seem to go any lower in the near future. But can the scorching heat put a full stop to our vogue quotient? This summer get ready to dress smart by following these 5 fashion trends. John Miller has an exclusive collection on Father’s Day especially for you!

1. Multicoloured Checked Formal Shirt

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Classy yet chic. From bright reds to navy blues, checks are here to stay. And are we complaining?


2. Beige Solid Color Trousers

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Especially for those formal meetings, these light-coloured trousers are perfect for those first impressions.


3. Slim Fit Blazers

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For a semi-formal look, add on this formal notch lapel blazer for a late evening date. We assure, your date will go bonkers!


4.  Classic Cotton Chinos

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You can pair ‘em up formal shirts or even casual t-shirts. Don’t forget, white sneakers!


5. Cotton Dress Shirt

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Get these premium dress shirts that fit apt for every occasion. Be it office parties or reunions, you’ll surely rock the look with these comfy clothing.

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