5 Hours From Delhi Is India’s First Astronomy Resort With A Dreamy Skyline!

5 Hours From Delhi Is India's First Astronomy Resort With The Most Beautiful Skyline EVER!

Have you ever stayed at a resort in the middle of the jungle? With the sky shining bright with a million stars hanging from the heavens above? Astroport Sariska is a spectacular new way of experiencing the wilderness while also enjoying the light show in the skies! It’s hard to find such a beautiful skyline in Delhi and we strongly recommend a visit here soon.

30 Second Window:

  • The place is open to all & finds itself packed with tourists, expats & wildlife lovers more often than you could ever imagine. In the middle of the jungle, it’s just you with the dark sky and stars showering you its light!
  • In fact, it would be quite a coincidence if your stay here also falls on the same night as the full moon! Imagine the intensity of the beauty you are otherwise denied in Delhi. And what’s not to like here? An adventure in the wilderness is quite a blessing if you can handle the fear.

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  • Your home will be a pitchable tent that costs INR 5,400 a night. And your closest friends – the guide and educator will make sure you learn the constellations, teach you how to build a telescope, constellations, astrophotography! Now that’s pretty cool, right?
  • In the night you chill, looking at the sky and the moon slowly crossing your line of sight as the night folds in! In the day, you go for safaris, to look for tigers and what not!
  • Ps. these guys also have rooms in their nearby buildings that can be rented for INR 13,000 a night!

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  • That you get yourself registered & packed for this trip, it’s gong to be absolutely epic!

And in the meanwhile, you can check out the camp’s website here.

Location | ASTROPORT- Tehla, Rajasthan, India

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